Thank you for your interest in becoming a Gopher at Kitacon Wonderland! Fill out the application form below and our Gopher Liaison will be in touch shortly. You will receive updates about your application through your account's notifications.
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Are there any specific areas of the convention that you'd be interesting in helping out with? For example, whether you'd like to help managing queues for events or ensuring the cosplay events run smoothly, etc.
Requirements (optional)
Do you have any disabilies we need to be aware of? Do you have any allergies, or take any medication? We encourage everybody to apply for a Gopher position, regardless of ability, so any information you can give us will help us to support you during your shifts.
Are you running an event at Kitacon Wonderland?
Are you competing in the Masquerade or KGT at Kitacon Wonderland?

You need a user account in order to apply for a DJ set — this is so that we can keep all of your information (such as your application, contact information and badges) in one place! It's super easy to sign up though; all we need is your email address, a suitable password and some basic details about you. You'll have an account created for you once you've completed this application, and will be redirected to your application status page after the form is submitted.
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This must match the form of identification you are bringing to Kitacon, and you must be 18 or older on the first day of the event (9th August 2024) to attend.
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For any other enquiries relating to applying for a Gopher position, email before completing your application.