Cosplay Chess Rules
By taking part in Cosplay Chess, you confirm that you have acknowledged and understood all of the below rules and agree to abide by them during your appearance in Chess.
Registration for Cosplay Chess will open at 13:00 on May 4th, and close at 19:00 on July 12th. Participant(s) will be informed that their registration is successful/unsuccessful within 10 working days after registration closes.
General Rules
  • You do not need to have any knowledge of chess in order to play. Your movements will be directed by one of two hosts.
  • You must have applied previously online to take part in Cosplay Chess. The Game Master (GM) will make the final decision on who will take part in the main event.
  • The Cosplay Chess Team will pick your final position on the chess board and what team you are on; this will be allocated before the main event. If you have any issues or queries about your role, please contact or a moderator in the Kitacon Cosplay Chess Discord server.
  • Cosplay character entries can be from any officially published source (e.g manga, video games, pop culture) but original characters will not be accepted.
    • The same costume can be worn for Cosplay Chess as well as the Cosplay Competition or Masquerade.
    • Costumes do not have to be made by the applicant.
  • You are allowed to have multiple characters as part of a group to represent a singular piece as well as to aid in your scenes. Be sure to include the information of each group member in the application for Cosplay Chess.
    • If you are applying as a group, there is a maximum of 3 members per group.
  • You must have the ability to freely move on your own without assistance in your costume. If you are unsure if you fulfil this or have special requirements, please contact or a moderator on the Cosplay Chess Discord server.
  • All costumes must follow the Kitacon convention rules, general costume and props rules, and be appropriate.
  • Participant(s) must have a valid Kitacon ticket to enter Cosplay Chess.
  • All applications must be fully filled out. Any missing information will result in a dismissal of your application.
  • Participant(s) in Cosplay Chess are to avoid any physical contact that might hurt or damage another participant(s) in any possible way. If you are in breach of this, you will be removed from the event immediately.
  • Participant(s) MUST attend the Cosplay Chess rehearsal session. This will take place on the Sunday an hour before the event.
    • If you do not attend the rehearsal without prior communication to, or by permission of, the organisers you will not be able to partake in the Cosplay Chess event.
    • Important details that all participants will need to know will be covered during this time, and you will have the opportunity to practise your scenes.
  • Battle scenes will be taking place on the central stage. The stage is accessible from a wide, small flight of stairs either side of the stage.
    • If you have any special requirements in terms of use of stairs, please contact to discuss this as soon as possible.
  • Health and safety regulations for use of the stage must be strictly followed at all times. These will be explained in detail on the day during rehearsals. Any breach of these rules shall lead to your removal from the event immediately.
  • Each battle scene time is to be between 30 seconds minimum and 1 minute 30 seconds maximum. Please try to keep to the timings so that the event may run as smoothly as possible, and to schedule.
  • Participant(s) must arrive at the rehearsals at least 15 minutes before for check in and set up. If you are not present during this time, your spot will be given to another participant(s) on the reserve list.
  • If you for any reason happen to be unavailable after applying, it is your responsibility to inform the Cosplay Chess team as soon as possible (via email or Discord). An uncommunicated absence at the event may result in your exclusion in subsequent Cosplay Chess events.
  • Upon receiving a confirmation, if successful as either a chess piece or as part of the reserve list, you must join the Discord server using the link provided in the email to secure your place — if you are not able to do so, please contact as soon as possible.
  • Failure to comply with these rules may result in disqualification of the participant(s).
  • Failure to comply with Kitacon organisers or venue staff during the event may result to the disqualification of the participant(s).
  • Kitacon have the right to disqualify any participant(s) at their own discretion.
  • Every participant(s) guilty of vandalism, theft, acts of aggression against either towards Kitacon organisers, staff, venue staff or attendees (physical or verbal), or any other behaviour deemed inappropriate before, during or after the event, will be instantly and permanently disqualified.
  • All illegal behaviour will be pursued and prosecuted to the full extent of the laws.
Limitations of Liability
  • Kitacon is not responsible for:
    • Technical faults or failures of any kind, including but not limited to malfunctions, interruptions or disconnections in network hardware or software.
    • Unauthorised human intervention in any part of the application process or the Kitacon Cosplay Chess event.

If there are any unique circumstances or questions not covered here, contact and we’ll respond as soon as possible.