Costume and Prop Rules
Costumes and Props are brought to Kitacon at your own risk. Kitacon cannot accept any responsibility for any damages, theft or loss to costumes and props brought to the event by any attendees.
Kitacon staff reserve the right to confiscate any item they deem a risk to the attendees or staff, and failure to comply with this request will result in expulsion from the event and security being asked to intervene. Confiscated items will only be returned to the same attendee at the time of them leaving the event and venue space.
Please note that without physical inspection of your Prop, there are no guarantees that it will be acceptable for use at the Convention, regardless of any previous communications or information given to you prior to the event.
General Rules
  • All weapons and props must be taken to Cosplay HQ to be checked over by either our Cosplay Officers or appropriate staff.
    • If they pass the check you will be issued with a clear label/tag to show it has been checked and is con safe.
    • Weapons or props which do not have a visible tag will be taken to be checked and if not they could be confiscated for the duration of the convention.
  • Any weapon or prop must not be longer than 2 metres in any dimension.
    • This excludes any parts that can be collapsed to smaller parts (such as wings, dress trains, props) when traversing through convention areas.
    • Disconnecting parts must be accomplished without tools, regardless of size.
    • If a costume is bulky, made of harder materials or includes parts outside of usual human dimensions you must have at least one person with you as a guide or handler.
  • Weapons and props must be made from light and softer materials, especially if not attached to the main body (e.g. if the weapon or prop can be swung around).
    • Sensible and safe options include foam, cardboard, lightweight plastics (including 3D prints/PLA) or paper-maché.
    • Hard or heavy materials (e.g metal, medium to heavy wood types) or materials that may shatter (e.g glass) will not be allowed.
    • Foam weapons built around a core (e.g those made for Live Action Roleplaying) are allowed.
    • All props with sharp edges and points must ensure that they are rounded off and/or dull.
  • Items that are considered normal everyday items and small, lightweight items (e.g umbrellas, walking aids) are allowed but must not exceed 2 metres.
    • Heavy items (e.g. baseball bats, crowbars, iron pokers, heavy cast iron pans) are not allowed.
    • Power tools (e.g chainsaws, hedge trimmers) are not allowed.
  • Rollerskates (inc. shoes with retractable wheels such as Heelys), skateboards, hoverboards, bicycles or go karts are not permitted for use anywhere throughout the con.
    • Remote control items (e.g. droids, small RC toys) can be used outside the convention centre if it is permitted by the venue. If permitted, they should be driven with caution in a clear open space away from vehicles and other people.
  • All weapons must be holstered/sheathed when not being used for posing in cosplay for photography, etc.
    • Airsoft guns, BB guns, paintball guns, metal gun props (or props built with any part of these) are not allowed under any circumstances.
    • Other realistic, non-functioning firearms props made of lightweight materials are permitted (e.g. brightly coloured plastic)
    • Any realistic or replica gun must have a red or orange coloured tip at the end of the muzzle of the gun. Coloured tape will be available in Cosplay HQ and will be applied to gun tips if needed when checked.
    • Any ammunition that can be fired (e.g caps, darts, incendiaries) is not allowed.
    • Compressed air chambers and batteries for weapons are likewise not permitted.
    • Any water pistols (or similar) should be empty and must remain empty for the duration of the event whilst at the venue.
    • Nerf guns (or similar) are accepted as long as they adhere to the size regulations and have no ammo loaded inside.
    • No exceptions will be made to the above rules for those with special licences, memberships or training.
    • Please be cautious if travelling in public to keep any weapons or props concealed or covered regardless of how realistic they look — a costume does not reassure or confirm that the weapon or prop is not real.
  • Hand-made bows and arrows/crossbows are allowed, but the bow/crossbow must be light and stay within the previous rules stated above.
    • Any arrows or bolts must be fixed safely in their quiver and cannot be strung or fired.
    • Any bows or crossbows that are functional (i.e they can be purchased for the purpose of firing) are not allowed under any circumstances.
  • If you have had your prop confiscated due to not adhering to the regulations (as stated previously), they will be stored at Kitacon’s Cosplay HQ.
    • They can be collected between 12:00 and 15:30 on Sunday 11th August 2024 (up to half an hour before the start of the Closing Ceremony).
    • Any items not collected will be disposed of at the end of the event.
  • Any weapons and props that you intend to use solely in the Masquerade (or other stage events) are still subject to these rules.
  • The use of makeup and prosthetics to depict another realistic race is prohibited. If you have any concerns about a costume choice, please email
  • Costume, weapons or props must not involve or create naked flames, explosions, smoke nor arcs or bursts of exposed electricity.
  • Nudity, indecently exposed costumes or prosthetic genitalia are not permitted.
    • Scantily clad or skimpy costumes are permitted (in regards to character accuracy), however exceptions and adjustments are needed if skimpy to the point of negligible coverage (e.g. less than typical swimwear).
  • Kitacon reserves the right to step in regarding attire or costumes that involve but are not limited to the following: insensitive or unwarranted application of makeup, the use of profanities or explicit sexual acts, promotion of hate or criminal activities, and the inclusion of uniforms, emblems, or flags associated with organizations responsible for crimes against humanity (including their use in multimedia-related or satirical depictions).

If there are any unique circumstances or questions not covered here, contact and we’ll respond as soon as possible.