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  • Arts and Crafts: An event where participants will be creating something, whether that be a physical item or digital media.
  • Interactive Experience: An event where participants will need to interact with each other, or other panelists, during the event.
If your event doesn't quite fit into one of these categories, choose the closest match — we try to keep a variety of event types in mind when putting the schedule together for different rooms, so it's important that this is fairly accurate.
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Is there anything you need for your event aside from what is on the standard equipment list? We provide a projector (with HDMI and audio inputs), one handheld microphone and a table (or lectern) by default. If you are planning to run this event with other people, provide their names here.

You need a user account in order to submit an event — this is so that we can keep all of your information (such as your application, contact information and badges) in one place! It's super easy to sign up though; all we need is your email address, a suitable password and some basic details about you. You'll have an account created for you once you've completed this application, and will be redirected to your application status page after the form is submitted.
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