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Cosplay Masquerade

The Masquerade is our big Saturday afternoon showcase of the best cosplay our attendees have to offer, taking place on center stage in the Main Hall! It's also the chance for our competition entrants to really wow the judges and show off their hard work.

Additional information

  • All entrants in the Masquerade must attend the briefing session on Saturday morning. This is important as it will ensure that everyone taking part is aware of the safety procedures in place, but it will also give you the chance to rehearse your catwalk strut on the stage itself!
  • In order to be considered for the Cosplay Competition, you must take part in the Masquerade — it can be a little daunting, we know! But it's important that our judges are able to glimpse at how you portray the character on stage, as well as see how the costume looks in motion.
  • All participating cosplayers must adhere to the Cosplay Rules.
Masquerade applications are currently closed.
Kita's Got Talent?!
"Kita's Got Talent?!" allows for convention attendees to showcase their unique skills and talents. In the past we’ve had a plethora of performances, including singing, dancing, magic tricks, stand-up comedy, musical performances, cosplay skits, and more.
KGT?! applications are currently closed.
Cosplay Chess

Cosplay Chess isn't possible without pieces — and that's where you come in! We need people to fill in the various roles on the board, so pick a character you'd like to take part with and sign up for a spot!

If you're accepted to take part, you will be assigned a piece and a team — either Black or White. Depending on which piece you are, you might be knocked out right away or go all the way until the end! The full game is scripted, so that it does end with a winning side and is made with legal moves, but the actual battles aren't; that's down to you and the person you're fighting to come up with, so make sure you have some ideas in mind of how your character can take other potential pieces out — but also how they can die with dignity and grace!

Cosplay Chess applications are currently closed.
AMV & CMV Showcases
The AMV & CMV Showcases at Kitacon are beloved for allowing fellow anime fans, cosplayers and video creators to combine their talents, passion for fandom, and love for storytelling to captivate and entertain the community. It's an excellent opportunity for attendees to appreciate the dedication and creativity within the cosplay community and to celebrate their favourite characters and franchises in a whole new way.
AMV & CMV submissions are currently closed.
Submit An Event

Think you're all hot stuff about Naruto ships? Prove it! We're looking for attendees who are knowledgable, passionate, or just really like to organise a bunch of people whilst they do arts and crafts to submit events for Kitacon this year.

An event could be anything, really — a presentation on a specific topic, a game show, a needle felting workshop... there are loads of potential ideas! Some famous examples include Kitacon Taskmaster, MADstravaganza, Hell on a Cel and Quiz Smash.

As standard, event rooms are equipped with the following:

  • A projector with HDMI and audio inputs
  • One microphone (handheld)
  • A desk or lectern

If you require anything other than what is on this list (some chairs, another microphone, etc.), mention this in the "Requirements" section of the form and we will endeavour to provide these for you.

Event submissions are currently open.
By submitting an event proposal, you agree to the Event Runner's Terms and Conditions.
Submit an event
Gophers play a vital role in ensuring that Kitacon runs smoothly and that attendees have a memorable experience. Their efforts contribute to the overall success and positive atmosphere of the convention. If you’d like to be a part of our fantastic “Gopher Corp”, and help to run your favourite part of the event, we’d be most appreciative of the help.
Gopher applications are currently open.
Dealer's Room

For Kitacon Wonderland, we are offering two different packages for the Dealer's Room:

Dealer Package — £145

  • One table
  • One backing table
  • Two full badges

Artist Package — £75

  • One table
  • One full badge

For the Dealer Package only, you may purchase up to five additional tables — these are £100 each and come with one additional badge per table, which permits access to the event for one person.

For both packages, additional badges are £35 and permit access to the event for one other person per badge.

Additional information

  • All tables are 6ft x 2ft in size.
  • You will need to provide tablecloths for all tables you purchase, if you'd like them.

Your contact details, such as email address and phone number, will be taken from your user account so ensure these are kept up to date.

Dealer's Room applications are currently closed.
DJ Sets

The Kitacon Parties have been a core staple of our conventions going back over a decade and our DJs have been the driving force behind that. So if you'd like to contribute to our party line up, and drop some sick beats like you're at a 90's school disco, then by all means get in touch.

DJ Set applications are currently open.
Our conbook doesn’t just contain our schedule and panel descriptions but also showcases articles, artwork and projects from our community. We’d love to publish your art creations and article submissions.
Conbook submissions are currently closed.