AMV & CMV Competition Submissions Now Open!
16:46:16 on 11 June 2024

The AMV & CMV Competition at Kitacon is beloved for allowing fellow anime fans, cosplayers and video creators to combine their talents, passion for fandom, and love for storytelling to captivate and entertain the community. It's an excellent opportunity for attendees to appreciate the dedication and creativity within the cosplay community and to celebrate their favourite characters and franchises in a whole new way.

If you think your editing skills are up to the task of creating a mind-blowing AMV and/or CMV, put your best effort forward and let our judging panel see what you can do!

Cosplay Meets at Kitacon Wonderland!
Updated 15:59:32 on 28 May 2024

For this year's event, we're helping you get a big group of like-minded cosplayers together in an easy way — with an official meets schedule!

Each meet will be half an hour long, and we've got three designated "meet spots" available for the weekend. Once you're at the meet, you're free to take photos, exchange socials and just get caught up with folks who love the same series you do!

You can head over to the Get Involved page to submit a meet, and once it has been approved it will show up on the official schedule ready to go! By submitting a meet, you will be designated the "organiser" and will be responsible for the meet and everyone at it; Kitacon will not be involved in any meets outside of providing a schedule for them. Bring your own photographer, bring a banner, or just spend some time getting to know fellow fans!

Pinku Kult and Cosmic Boop to host a Fashion Show at Kitacon Wonderland!
Updated 17:19:17 on 24 May 2024