Cosplay Event Applications are now open!
12:01:57 on 04 May 2024

Whether you want to strut your stuff in our Masquerade, show off your skills in our Cosplay Competition, or take to the stage in Kita's-Got-Talent or Cosplay Chess~

Make sure you tumble down the rabbit hole and submit your application with haste!

April News Update!
17:10:59 on 27 April 2024

As the month of April draws to a close we’ve announced a few things and we’re steadily working on our event schedule, our dealer communications and many other little things that we’ll be announcing shortly.

One of our big focuses was on Events and our newly announced Cosplay Rule set.

So, what are we working on?

Cosplay Event Update
Updated 15:00:32 on 26 April 2024

Hi all!

We've updated our Cosplay Rules (including Costume/Props, Masquerade, Competition, KGT?! and Chess) in preparation for applications going live on the 4th of May.

Please make sure you give them a thorough read if you're planning to apply for any of these events!

March Update
Updated 20:34:17 on 11 March 2024

Hi Folks! Just a quick post Minamicon update from us. Registration was more than we could have expected and we're incredibly grateful that you're choosing to spend some of your time with us this Summer.

We've been very busy behind the scenes which means a few items have slipped a little further than we would have liked. We're going to be doing a second pass over all event submissions that are still outstanding and attempting to get on top of any outstanding communication asap. We've been floored by all your submissions so far!

We'll have a some more news for you at Kokorocon too :)

Registration Update! (and more~)
Updated 03:17:53 on 12 February 2024

Following an incredibly busy week we have been able to confirm our registration date with the venue and we are moving full steam ahead!

Kitacon Wonderland registration opens at 1pm on Monday the 12th of February. Registration for the event will remain open until July or until all places have been filled.

Kitacon December Update
Updated 18:48:33 on 26 December 2023

Hi Folks,

I had initially planned to have this last bit of information go out earlier than today, so firstly, from myself and the entire Kitacon Committee I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic upcoming New Year.

It’s been six months since we announced the creation of our new website and advertised for new committee positions and in the time since then we’ve made amazing strides in planning and preparation. Our new website has gone from strength to strength and is being tailor made to suit the needs of our community, allowing you to check on your various application statuses whether it’s a dealer, event or DJ application, with other event applications coming soon. It hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing as we build this bespoke system but I wanted to thank everyone who has used it so far and reported any issues to us.

Event and DJ Applications are now open!
Updated 19:33:58 on 24 November 2023

Our Event and DJ applications are now open!

Head over to our Get Involved page to submit your Event or DJ set for Kitacon Wonderland!

Event Submissions opening Friday!
Updated 16:53:05 on 22 November 2023

Hi Folks,

Just a small update from us to say that Event Submissions for Kitacon Wonderland will go live on Friday, with approvals starting a few months later.

If you've applied to be a Dealer at next years event we'll be running through the approval process in early January.

Memberships, Badges and More! – A Clarification~
Updated 09:36:18 on 14 November 2023

As we prepare for Registration Go Live in February, we wanted to make a post to clarify some core concepts around Kitacon that have rightfully been questioned over the past couple of years.

In 2022 for Kitacon Returns we opted to adopt “Ticket” as part of our terms during the Ticket to Badge to Membership process. In a nutshell as attendees, you bought a ticket so you could pick up a badge which confirmed your membership for the event.

Taking the above as an example you can see where all those extra steps could cause unnecessary confusion for newcomers to our events and community and it was with this in mind, we felt the need to address and clarify this as we move into Kitacon Wonderland’s registration period in February.

Dealer and Artist Applications are now Live!
15:32:11 on 31 October 2023

Dealer and Artist applications for Kitacon Wonderland are now live!

Please take your time to fill out the information as accurately as you can.

If you have any further questions please direct them at our Dealer Liaison ( and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Event Update from Community Feedback
10:51:26 on 11 September 2023

Hi Everyone, 

Three years ago today we made the decision to postpone our 2021 event to 2022 and our community got us an incredibly tough number of years and we’re grateful for all the support you’ve provided us over the many many years. While this doesn't have any bearing on what I'd like to talk about today, I wanted to mark the date as your kind words made the difficult decision a lot easier on a rather stressed group of people that day, so thank you.

It’s only been a short while since we spoke about some of the changes coming to Kitacon next year at Kitacon Wonderland and while I wax lyrically about logistics and updated policies and alike to improve the event, rest assured we are also working on making sure that other aspects of the event improve as well. I had some very good feedback from some previous attendees regarding how we can improve the Kitacon Ball on the final night and based on that feedback we are looking at making it more than just a room with lights and music. Further details on that will be revealed when we are ready.

Taskmaster and more make a return to Kitacon Wonderland!
18:03:48 on 13 August 2023

Our Kitacon Wonderland launch tour has continued with a visit to Tokonatsu to share more information, focusing on the Wonderland Main Stage events you can enjoy at the 2024 convention. As with every Kitacon, we’ll be running our traditional Cosplay Masquerade, our amazing Kita’s Got Talent stage show, and the immensely popular Cosplay Chess will all once again feature as weekend highlights. 

But we’re adding more official events to our roster…

A New Design
Updated 20:41:39 on 27 June 2023

Welcome to Kitacon's new website for 2024!

We'll be adding more content as we get closer to the event, so please keep an eye on the Kitacon Twitter account for updates.